Top 10 Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon 2020

Top 10 Best IVF Centre In Gurgaon 2023

Top 10 Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon – Best Ivf Centres In Gurgaon –

IVF treatment is one of the medical procedures that help the couple to achieve their parenthood. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the best method to solve the couple’s infertility issue and giving them the opportunity to live the splendid days of their golden period of motherhood and fatherhood. Without any doubt, IVF is a complex and intricate methodology of an ART. ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology comprises of different types of fertility options, wherein IVF is one of the most preferred fertility treatment way. IVF is none other than the universal remedy to solve all the type of male and female fertility – how? IVF is the one and only treatment that gets combined with the other treatment (of an ART) to give more effective result; this combination of other ART technique with IVF is only done when the individual is facing advanced infertility issue. Since IVF requires time, money and patience of the couple, one should seek a better or say the best IVF Centre in Gurgaon for the IVF.

IVF can be categorize into two parts – the first is basic and the other is advanced option; basic process is carried out when the fertilization is easily achieved using the medical components of the male and the female (man’s sperm and female’s egg), and get implanted (the embryo) into the uterine wall (of the mother). Along with the trouble-free fertilization method, there is also unproblematic implantation. So, this was when the woman has healthy uterus and provides up-to-the-mark egg (after the course of fertility medication). On the other hand, advanced IVF is performed or recommended when either the male or the female has advanced infertility issues or have had unsuccessful result via conventional IVF process. Even if you are considering the conventional or advanced, both need careful observation and analysis by the fertility doctor at the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon.

Above was all the basic description on the subject of the IVF treatment and why it is necessary for a couple to pick the best IVF Centre in Gurgaon. In this page, we bring the major details of how to select the IVF clinic, what the factors you need to keep in mind while deciding on the particular clinic and how benefit is that if you go for an authentic IVF clinic.

Let’s start with the facts and figures of the success rate and the cost of the top 10 Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon

Looking For Ivf? Take A Look On These Best Ivf Centres In Gurgaon –

This is a very common question that occurs in the couple’s mind while planning for the IVF treatment.  There are multiple things a couple should know when they look for the IVF Centre in Gurgaon for their fertility treatment. One of the first aspects a couple must enquire is the success rate of the clinic. There are many IVF centres, which show a fake data of their success rate representing more than eighty or even ninety percent in the delivery/ live rates; and that’s completely bogus. If you have been assured by any of the IVF clinic for the hundred percent result by the IVF (or even advanced IVF), then it’s better to look some other IVF Centre in Gurgaon for the treatment. A couple can find 35-40% success rate at the ordinary IVF clinics and 45-55% at the Best IVF Centres in Gurgaon. If the couple has been recommended by the senior fertility specialist to go for advanced IVF treatment, the success rate become high – 55-70% (dependent on the fertility treatment).

A couple should be attentive and careful at each step; it is better to put down to the paper all the shortlisted Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon and then according your comfort and choice go ahead!

Here’s the top ten Best IVF Clinics mentioned; hope you will get help from the given top-notch IVF clinics –

  2. Dynamic Fertility Clinic – The Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon –
  3. Gurgaon Fertility Centre – The Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon –
  4. Cloudnine Hospital – Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon –
  5. Medicover Fertility Gurgaon Clinic – Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon –
  6. We Care IVF Surrogacy – The Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon –
  7. Grace Fertility Centre – IVF Clinic in Gurgaon –
  8. Fortis Bloom IVF Clinic – Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon –
  9. Miracle Fertility & IVF Clinic – The Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon –
  10. Aryan International Fertility Centre – Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon –

Description about each of the above mentioned IVF Centres in Gurgaon –

  • 1. Select Ivf India – The Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –
Best IVF Centre In Gurgaon
Best IVF Centre In Gurgaon

SELECT IVF INDIA is one of the extraordinary and the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon compared to other IVF clinics in Gurgaon. This fertility clinic was set up with the mission to offer the most excellent types of assistance to all the patients at a reasonable price. Select IVF offers all the – advanced and basic types of assistance like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intracytomplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), IMSI, PICSI, egg donor, sperm donor, embryo donor, and cryopreservation.

The fertility specialist of this clinic has more than thirty years of experience and has gained the renowned name amongst the senior fertility doctors. The fertility specialist and the fertility team have rich involvement and sound experience in the domain of solving the infertility issues. This clinic is spread in a wide scope of regions. There are sufficient beds, highly developed infrastructure with full of advanced amenities for all the patients. There is straightforwardness in the expense for all the patients. The medical clinic has cutting edge technology and a decent framework. One can easily fix the appointment calling the support team of the centre.

This IVF Centre in Gurgaon gives a decent success rate and has a good number of delivery counts via IVF. There is a proper group of specialists, medical attendants, lab technicians, nurses, and all the experts buckle down for the achievement of a positive result. They target satisfying the biggest desire about having a baby for barren couples. This clinic’s uniqueness lies in straightforwardness, decent success rate, and comparatively reasonable IVF cost.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,85,000
  • Services offered – IUI, ovulation medication, IUI with donor sperm, IVF treatment, IVF with donor sperm, IVF with donor egg, IVF with Laser assisted hatching, IVF with PGD technique, IVF with ICSI/IMSI/PICSI, TESA, MESA, PESA procedure with IVF-ICSI, Surrogacy and more.
  • Rating – 4.7 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 55-57%
  • Website –
  • 2. Dynamic Fertility Clinic – The Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –
Ivf Centre In Gurgaon
Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon

Dynamic fertility clinic & IVF centre is one of the top-running IVF clinics not just in Gurgaon, but also in India – yes, this clinic has several branches in the main region of India such as– Delhi, Rewari, Gurgaon, and so on.  Dynamic fertility Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon is best known for its advanced and highly developed apparatuses and technologies that give more effective result when it comes for solving the infertility issues in males and females.

The support team and the fertility coordinators of this clinic are supportive with a pleasant communication skills and a perfect success rate. The fertility centre is well equipped serving all the advanced facilities to the couples.

Dynamic fertility has a veteran fertility experts, who have more than the enough experience, and well-qualified. Patients, who select this fertility centre, need not to worry about the expenses, the treatment procedure and result – because they do their best bringing the good news. With the excellent patient care, success rate, delivery counts and top-notch IVF treatment, they aim to put a big smile on the couple’s face.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,75,000 – INR 2,00,000
  • Services offered – IVF, IUI, egg donors, sperm donor, embryo donation, LAH, PGD technique, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, hysterectomy, tubal ligation reversal surgery, tubal ligation, IVF with IMSI/ PICSI, Surgical sperm aspiration, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)/Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) treatment Surrogacy.
  • Rating – 4.6 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 60%
  • Website –
  • 3. Gurgaon Fertility Centre – The Best Ivf Clinic In Gurgaon –
ivf in gurgaon
gurgaon fertility centre – best ivf centre in gurgaon

This is one of the top leading Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon which has achieved trust of so many couples of its genuine IVF cost and authentic success rate.  They help the couples to achieve their main goal of being the parents by giving the most appropriate and suitable fertility treatment.  All the extensive fertility treatments are given at this IVF centre in Gurgaon to the accommodation of patients.  Giving the decent success rate of delivery counts, this clinic has made outstanding name providing the assisted reproductive treatment (ART). 

The services by this clinic offered to solve the infertility issues are, IUI, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytomplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), egg donor, embryo donor, freezing technique, Hysteroscopy, laser assisted hatching, Semen Analysis, and surrogacy option. The fertility team of this clinic personally is concerned for the patient’s case and utilizing the best progressed conceptive innovations, they do their best to make the things happen.

The clinic is ideally developed with tremendous spaces and separate divisions for the diverse treatment gave at the fertility clinic. The specialists are exceptionally prepared and incredibly famous with the immense work involvement in the domain of Infertility. The medical clinic offers passionate help to its patients and makes them totally comfortable in order to get them calm down during the procedure. The prime objective of this Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon is the wellbeing and well treatment of their patients to satisfy their parenthood dream.

  • IVF Cost – 1,40,000 – INR1,50,000
  • Services offered – IUI, IVF, ICSI, fibroid removal surgery, Testicular Blastocyst, Micro Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA), Intracytomplasmic Morphologically Sperm Injection
  • Rating – 4.1 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 55
  • Website –
  • 4. Cloudnine Hospital – Best Ivf Clinic In Gurgaon –
Ivf In Gurgaon
Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon

Cloudnine Hospital is distinguished, most established, and a standout IVF Clinic in Gurgaon amongst other IVF centers in Gurgaon. This centre introduces the best technique of solving the fertility issues on males and females, providing – IUI treatment, test-tube baby or IVF treatment, ICSI, IMSI procedure, TESA, gynecology laparoscopy, donor option, Surrogacy. This fertility centre has well-equipped fertility lab providing a decent success rate to the couples. They offer thorough administrations through modern clinical innovation at moderate costs accessible at the clinic. This clinic has best support team.

Also, this Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon has a one of a kind group of experienced specialists in Gurgaon. This fertility team incorporates – specialized IVF doctor, junior doctor, lab technicians, and nurses. Additionally, the supporting staff of this IVF centre is incredibly skilful and experienced to help specialists while performing medicines and helping patients to attain the parenthood without much delay.

The fertility expert at this IVF Centre in Gurgaon is skilled and experience to perform wide scope of treatment strategies identified with barrenness. This fertility centre offers its types of assistance 24X7 and guarantees the best solace and care to its patients.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,60,000
  • Services offered – IVF, Intrauterine Insemination, Normal Vaginal Delivery, Fibroid removal surgery, Hysterectomy surgery, Endoscopic Surgery , Tubal pregnancy surgery, and Laparoscopy Surgeries
  • Rating – 3.7 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 50
  • Website –
  • 5. Medicover Fertility Gurgaon Clinic – Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –
Fertility Gurgaon Clini
best ivf centre in gurgaon

Medicover Fertility Gurgaon, being one of the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon offers the best assisted reproductive treatment to couples managing their infertility issue, with its marvelous infrastructure and most recent advances. The IVF clinic has been giving the ultimate treatments to get rid of any of the types of infertility problem.

This IVF centre gives the couples explicitly the required assistance in changing the infertile couples’ most awaited dream into the real world. This clinic gives the IVF treatment under the consideration of proficient and well-qualified fertility expert, embryologists and caring nursing staff.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,50,000
  • Services offered – IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, and etc.
  • Rating – 3.3 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 50%
  • Website –,9,d
  • 6. We Care Ivf Surrogacy – The Best Ivf Clinic In Gurgaon –
We Care Ivf Surrogacy
best ivf centre in gurgaon

We Care IVF Surrogacy has been running on its peak for the past few years serving the most excellent IVF and other fertility treatments to the couples. This fertility agency has gained the famous and renowned name of giving the authentic and reasonable IVF treatment to the patients. The team not just value the couple’s time and money but also they consider the couples’ dream most prior and that’s the reason, this team work splendid together.

We Care provides the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon with all the advanced services – a decent success rate, proper and systematic IVF procedure, a reasonable rate of the IVF and advanced/highly developed equipment for the fertility treatment in order to get high success rate.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,65,000
  • Services offered – IUI, IVF, egg donors, embryo donors, hysteroscopy, IVF with ICSI, IVF with IMSI, PICSI, Surrogacy and so
  • Rating – 3.8 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 55%
  • Website –
  • 7. Grace Fertility Centre – Ivf Clinic In Gurgaon –
Grace Fertility Centre
best ivf centre in gurgaon

Grace fertility centre, being one of the pioneers endowing with the best IVF treatment at a reasonable rate, serve the decent success rate too when it comes for the live birth rate via IVF.  This Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon comprises of an all around qualified group of specialists.

Grace fertility clinic has the best team work and give their hundred percent solving the case of the couple’s infertility. Also, this IVF clinic has all the important IVF apparatuses and exceptional innovation to get better result.

Providing the excellent success rate and the world-class IVF treatment, this clinic has come up with the most preferred IVF centre in Gurgaon. Alongside such prominent administrations, they similarly include particularly talented staff giving most extreme quality consideration all through the administrations.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,60,000
  • Services offered – Fertility Assessment, Fertility Treatment, In-Vitro Fertilization, ICSI, Male Factor Infertility treatment (such as ICSI, IMSI, TESA , etc.), Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)/Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) treatment, egg donors and Surrogacy
  • Rating – 3.2 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 50
  • Website –
  • 8. Fortis Bloom Ivf Clinic – Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –
Fortis Bloom Ivf Clinic
best ivf centre in gurgaon

Fortis Bloom IVF centre has become one of the best and chosen IVF Centre in Gurgaon, giving the top-notch fertility treatment to the couples.  This IVF centre provides the basic to advanced fertility treatments at completely genuine price so that each couple gets the opportunity to enjoy the parenthood.

Fortis IVF centre has the best IVF team with – a senior IVF specialist, who is highly qualified in the domain of infertility treatment and has a notable success rate of an IVF. One of the special qualities of this centre is that they are transparent on their words and costing.

The fertility coordinators of this centre make assure that each couple must get proper time and able to find the exact solution of their queries.  

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,50,000
  • Services offered – IUI, IVF, donors, Surrogacy
  • Rating – 3 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 50
  • Website –
  • 9. Miracle Fertility & Ivf Clinic – The Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –
Miracle Fertility & Ivf Clinic
best ivf centre in gurgaon

Miracle fertility & IVF Clinic has known for its outstanding quality treatment of an IVF. This Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon offers the advanced technique such as IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, TESA, MESA, PESA, Semen cryopreservation, egg freezing, Laser Assisted Hatching.

This fertility centre makes sure each couple receives the preeminent fertility treatment and aims to make IVF treatment less stressful – by giving a proper consultation and moral support to the couple.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,50,000
  • Services offered – IVF, ICSI, IMSI, semen cryopreservation, LAH and so on
  • Rating – 3 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 45
  • Website –
  • 10. Aryan International Fertility Centre – Best Ivf Clinic In Gurgaon –
Aryan International Fertility Centre
best ivf centre in gurgaon

Aryan International Fertility Centre is one of the super-specialties IVF centre providing the best IVF treatment to the couple. This fertility centre gives high quality IVF methodology to the couples and comes up with the best result even in the acute infertility case of the patients.

This centre is led by the senior IVF specialist and therefore this centre has been come running on its zenith for the past few years.

  • IVF Cost – INR 1,50,000
  • Services offered – IVF treatment, intrauterine insemination, Fibroid removal surgery, Testicular Biopsy test, Gynecology Laparoscopy Surgery, and Hysterectomy surgeries.
  • Rating – 3.2 out of 5
  • IVF Success rate (self-eggs)- 40%

Things That You Have To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –

Best IVF centre in Gurgaon has been in the rise for the past few years and that’s the reason why Gurgaon is becoming one of the famous spots for several couples to eradicate infertility issue and undergo best IVF treatment. Yet numerous couples don’t know about current realities and real factors of choosing the correct IVF centre in Gurgaon. Deciding on IVF treatment is itself the major decision to go for, and from which IVF clinic you are undergoing is the most important factor to find out.

IVF is the universal remedy to solve the infertility issue in the couples and works over the way toward making the healthy baby following the procedure of the fertilization and successful embryo transfer which is a bit costly than the basic solutions of the fertility treatments. Here we will examine significantly more about IVF and how to pick the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon observing the significant elements that will make the couple convenient. The above mentioned paragraph was all about the top 10 best IVF clinic in Gurgaon, now we will learn some basic details what are the factors that really have to focus on while deciding the IVF clinic.

The couple has to figure out the IVF centre in Gurgaon closely in order to get the best result in the matter of pregnancy.

  • About the IVF Clinic –

If you are on the search of the best IVF centre in Gurgaon, then the first thing you should enquire about is the clinic’s services. Whether the clinic is enriched with all the equipments, apparatuses and fertility treatment options or not, couple should look into this point. Sometimes it happen during the IVF, there might get requirement of using other advanced technique such as ICSI, IMSI, or with the donor, or Laser assisted hatching and so; that’s the reason why it is mandatory to have all the type of facilities available at the IVF clinic.

Visit the IVF clinic to observe well the hygiene, infra, fix an appointment (even it take few bucks) to know how carefully the specialist is analyzing the case of yours and listening or asking your report – these are some basic things that a couple should scrutinize well before choosing the particular IVF Clinic in Gurgaon

  • Success rate of the Clinic –

This is one of the significant factors while settling on any of the particular IVF centre. In basic words, a couple should look at the success rate of the IVF centre in Gurgaon for their treatment. It will help out with expanding couple’s certainty to meet the best outcome. If the success rate or delivery rate of the IVF centre is decent (decent here means 50-60%), then one can plan for that centre after observing IVF cost and clinic’s factor.

Usually many of the IVF clinics will make reference to their success or delivery rate on their site yet a couple should ask for the relevant verification about the figure. This will likewise assist the couple knowing the exact authenticity of the clinic and make a connection with the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon which is fundamental to be a piece of it.

Even if you are choosing the best IVF clinics, yet you need to verify each and every detail regarding the live birth rate via IVF treatment. It is better to collect the valid proof than just reading the figures on the websites.

  • The Cost of the IVF Treatment –

India has been always the most attractive country for so many things, and out of so many factors, India is well-known for its medical treatment at reasonable and comparatively low price of the other countries. And so Gurgaon offers IVF treatment at completely reasonable price aiming that all the couples should grab the opportunity to be parents without being in the zone of ‘yes or no’. At the Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon, one gets the most authentic IVF cost serving all the advanced amenities such as proper care and attention by the specialist and coordinators, follow-up calls by the fertility coordinators, separate room during the procedure of egg-retrieval or so.   

The IVF cost changes on the basis of the location of the IVF Centre in Gurgaon. In one city you may get treatment at a reasonable cost yet that may increment in another city. India provides the IVF treatment at the most moderate price comparing to other nations.

Gurgaon provides the levelheaded cost of IVF and make sure each couple gets the quality treatment by putting efforts hindered percent in the success rate. 

Benefits Choosing The Best Ivf Centre In Gurgaon –

For the past five to seven years, Gurgaon is emerging like a boon for the infertile couples when it comes for the quality treatment. There have been some fertility centres/IVF centres opened recently too, that are working well in providing the best success rate, while there are some centres that have opened a branch in Gurgaon and giving the best IVF treatment. Likewise Delhi, Gurgaon also gaining the fame and name of being the preferred IVF destination to eliminate the infertility.

Benefits choosing the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon –

  • Authentic IVF Cost –

A couple gets the most authentic IVF cost for the treatment, and there will be total transparency in the treatment and the cost package. No matter, which treatment is being preferred, the fertility centre won’t take unnecessary cost by the couple.

  • Personalized care –

A couple while undergoing the IVF treatment from the best IVF clinic in Gurgaon will get the personalized care during the procedure. The IVF specialists make sure that the fertility coordinators talk with a pleasant and familiar tone 

  • Advanced facilities  –

This is one of the major points that a couple will get during the treatment. Not just advanced facilities, the best IVF centre in Gurgaon is enhanced with all the advanced technology too. Treatments such as – IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) – TESA, MESA, PESA; LAH, PGD technique and so on – these treatments are easily available in the Best IVF clinic in Gurgaon.

  • Skilled and Proficient fertility team  –

The main building-pillar of any of the IVF clinic is its fertility team and doctor – that make the ordinary IVF clinic the best one.  And so you will meet the highly qualified fertility doctor who will perform your case treating with appropriate treatment. The entire fertility team – embryologists, lab technicians, the fertility coordinators, junior doctor and nurses – all are skilled in their respective domain.

Fertility Treatment Cost By The Best Ivf Clinics In Gurgaon –

The actual IVF cost cannot be stated directly until unless the couple’s case is analyzed by the doctor. Because of being influenced by other factors, the total IVF cost changes. The IVF cost also is become more by many factors such as the doctor’s experience, technology used in the IVF treatment (or say with the IVF such as ICSI, egg donor, PICSI, and so on), location, more. Excluding of these factors, if the couple wants travel, stay and transportation – the couple has to pay by themselves. It’s not included in the IVF package.

The average IVF Cost by the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon 2023 as follow –

On an average, the IVF Cost in Gurgaon comprises  of –Cost in INR
Consultation charges of the couple’s first visit Fertility medication and hormonal injections (for 10-12 days)Procedure of egg-retrieval Fertilization Embryo transfer Lab/equipment charges Expert’s fees   Note – If there is the requirement of ICSI during IVF at the Best IVF Clinic in Gurgaon, the couple need not to pay extra.INR 1,85,000 – INR 2,00,000

The above cost is of conventional procedure of an IVF; when a couple requires additional techniques during the IVF that charge different. Let’s get to know about these facts too –

Sr.noFertility Treatment at Best IVF Centre GurgaonCost in INR
1IUIRs. 10,000 to Rs. 20000
2IVF (self eggs)Rs. 1,85,000 to Rs. 2,00,000
3IVF ( with Egg Donor)Rs. 2,75,000 – 3,00,000
4IVF-ICSIRs. 175000 to Rs. 200000
5IVF with IMSIRs. 1,75,000-2,00,000
6IVF with PICSIRs. 1,90,000 – 2,00,000
7Frozen Embryo TransferRs. 250000 – 2,70,000
8TESARs. 30,000
9PESARs. 20,000
10MESARs. 15,000- 20,000
11Micro TESARs. 70000
12IVF with sperm donorRs. 2,20,000 – 2,35,000
13Laser-Assisted hatchingRs. 2,50,000
14PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) or 
PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening)
Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 300000
15Embryo DonationRs. 2,25,000 – 2,50,000
16LaparoscopyRs. 150000 to Rs. 200000

NOTE -PESA, MESA, TESA and micro-TESA cost is mentioned without the IVF procedure cost.

Closing Lines –

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the procedure, where the egg is joined with the sperm of an accomplice outside the body in a vitro. The steps that take IVF to follow that need legitimate checking and perception with the assistance of the fertility specialists and require systematic process. The entire cycle will go through a lab until the embryo comes out. When the embryo is created, last procedure is to put the embryo into the uterus of the woman for the implantation. It may bring achievement. Throughout the procedure, you and your partner have to visit the centre for the check-ups and procedures to be happen.

IVF is undeniably costly procedure however if you are looking for the best quotation of the IVF costing then no doubt, you will easily get that at the best IVF clinic Gurgaon. The cycle of IVF is somewhat convoluted, hence a couple is required to endure a specific expense after gathering all the collective and necessary information about the centre’s success rate and treatment procedure.

In the end, all that matter while selecting the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon is your determination and spirit to undergo the steps of IVF. IVF never assure for the guarantee result but that’s okay to try (if you are not able to conceive using the basic medication). It can happen that you get a hold of success during the first attempt only or it could be like you will get recommended to go for the second IVF cycle. You need to keep patience and for that you must choose the renowned clinic for the IVF. Don’t get panic or take stress; try to reduce the anxiety and put the best measure in order to get the best result.


From where should I plan for IVF treatment in Gurgaon?

If you are considering IVF treatment or have been recommended for an IVF to conceive, then there are various options to look into; however one should go for their IVF from the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon to get the high-quality treatment of an IVF. Best IVF centres make sure that each couple receives the best treatment during the procedure and try to come up with the cheerful result.

If I will choose the Best IVF clinic, is there any surety that I will get my baby via IVF or other advanced procedure of an ART?

Well IVF treatment or any other treatment of an ART (except Surrogacy) never promises you to get hundred percent results. However, this doesn’t mean that IVF or other treatment is useless, of course it is not! After all IVF is the universal remedy of treating the infertility issues. The success rate of the IVF majorly depends on the age of the couple and quality eggs and sperms. But it also depends on the way how the fertility expert is handling. Again, you need to come to a wise decision of selecting a suitable fertility centre. This is true that the best IVF centres give better result comparing to other clinics but cannot give assurance.

Are best IVF Centres more expensive than the normal IVF centres?

A Big No! Even the best IVF centres are reasonable if talking about ordinary centres. A couple will get fair deal of IVF procedure and treatment structure. There won’t be any hidden charges asked by the couple during the procedure or after the method.

If you have chosen the Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon, and you feel satisfied with each factor, then no need to think much about the cost quotation.

What if my IVF fails?

If you have had failed IVF, no worries! Since we all know IVF can result in the first try, or it can show a positive result in the second result too, so be calm even if you have failed IVF. We know it is hard phase when you spend your time and money to get the best result, yet it fails. The fertility expert at the best IVF clinic Gurgaon will give you the proper and valid reason why the IVF doesn’t work well, and what should be done in the next cycle. If the doctor recommends other IVF cycle with advanced ART technique, the fertility centre will definitely ask for less amount from the clinic as the procedure is likely to accomplish by using the frozen eggs or frozen embryos (that might be left during the prior IVF of the same couple).

However, if the egg quality is not good to be used, then the doctor might suggest for the donor egg procedure.

Isn’t IVF Cost with donor egg much expensive?

Yes, it is! But there is an applicable proof behind its expensive cost. If the IVF is accomplished using the donor egg then the donor woman is required to undergo a complete assessment test (at first at the best IVF centre) for further procedure. Once she has been undergone the basic test, then she will start having the fertility medication and regular hormonal injections (for at least twelve to fourteen days) to stimulate the ovary. Once the eggs become matured for the retrieval, the specialist gives a trigger-shot in order to get all the eggs full-grown stage. Apart from this, there is the cost of the donor, fertility equipment used during the procedure, ultrasounds, blood test, fertility medication and egg-retrieval cost. This is the reason, why IVF treatments turn out to be costly using the donor egg procedure.

What is the total IVF Cost at the best IVF clinic Gurgaon?

If IVF is completed by the conventional method (that means the couple is providing own eggs and sperm for the fertilization method), then the cost of an IVF is INR 1, 75,000 to IN 2, 00,000 at the best IVF centres in Gurgaon.

While the advanced IVF method costs more than the standard package of the IVF. It will go around INR 3, 50,000 (depending on the fertility type and method used).

Can I get discount in the total IVF cost?

Well, not really! At the best IVF clinics, the cost itself is genuine! It is very hard to ask for the discount. Yes you might get the discount during the festive days – if you are lucky then! Otherwise, the best IVF clinics do not deal with the bargaining!

If you belong to below poverty line, you have to show a valid ID for that, by that time, as per the rules and regulation by the centre the couple will get money off scheme.

If you are seeking installment criteria, then you have to ask with the fertility senior coordinator. They will tell you the exact procedure of how you have to pay and when you have to pay.

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