best hospital for iui treatment in delhi

How to Find the Best Hospital for IUI Treatment in Delhi?

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) in Delhi

IUI is the simplest type of assisted reproductive technology method that is used to treat less severe issues of infertility; the treatment helps in dealing with the most common symptoms of infertility. It is the first treatment that comes into the mind of infertile couples who face difficulty conceiving naturally.

Infertility is a widespread issue that undermines the ability of couple to achieve pregnancy by natural means. The problem has inflicted a millions of couples worldwide and continues to do so owing to the unhealthy lifestyles and bad reproductive health of people. Due to advent of technology, many of the infertility syndromes have became malleable with the application of various assisted reproductive treatments. However, the positive results are not always guaranteed because of the different probabilities of success and severity of the patient’s condition.

IUI is a fertility treatment option that aids a woman in conceiving without requiring her to have sexual intercourse with a man or is generally used when a man is incompetent at providing quality sperms to effectuate fertilization. While operating a woman for IUI, the doctor inserts the best quality sperms in her uterus by using a catheter and thus, skipping the steps of impregnating a woman naturally and increasing the chances of conception.

Select IVF India is an eminent medical tourism company in India that assists patients and refers to them the best hospital for IUI treatment in Delhi.  We have tie-ups with renowned fertility doctors who are acknowledged for giving the highest quality fertility treatments to their patients. We use highly sophisticated equipments to perform various fertility treatments and have certified fertility doctors who have successfully executed various IUI treatment procedures in Delhi.

Conditions necessitating IUI treatment in Delhi

IUI treatment is generally performed when the cause of infertility is in male and he is not able to produce sperms motile enough to reach and penetrate the female’s egg on its own.

Other than that, IUI treatment is a suitable option in the following circumstances:

  • When a man makes unhealthy sperms, has poor semen quality with low sperm count or mobility.
  • Men having erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Women with issues in cervix, making sexual intercourse hard and painful.
  • Women having ovulation disorders such as PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) or endometriosis.
  • IUI is often suggested to couples with unexplained infertility; where the cause of infertility is unidentifiable.
  • Single or same-sex women who wish to have an child

How is IUI treatment performed?

IUI treatment at the best hospital for IUI treatment in Delhi can be performed with or without giving ovulation stimulating medicines to the women. The doctor prescribes ovulation stimulating medicines to the woman for assuring that she is ovulating at the time of insemination. The medicines also aids in the production of fertile and healthy eggs, which are the major component for the treatment process.

After providing the medication, a surge in LH hormone is evident within a period of 30-35 hours, indicating the doctors to begin the process. The sperms provided either by the male partner or a sperm donor, are washed out and the content other than high-motility sperms is abandoned. The doctor injects two or more sperms into the uterus of the woman in the hope that at least one of them would penetrate the egg.

Once the sperms are placed inside her uterus with a catheter, the woman has to rest for about an hour. At last, some pregnancy tests and ultrasound scans are conducted on her to confirm pregnancy; it usually takes 14 days for healthy pregnancy to take place.    

Pick Select IVF India to get effective results in IUI treatment

At Select IVF India, we have a team of well-qualified fertility experts, doctors, embryologists, surgeons, and other team members who work conjointly to provide a fruitful fertility treatment experience to the patients. They employ the best surgical equipments and incorporate the latest techniques into their treatment methods, which helps in ensuring better chances of success of the fertility treatment. We provide IUI treatment at an affordable price and give finest quality treatment to the patient undergoing the treatment. We also provide effective counseling to the couples and make sure to suggest the best possible treatment to enhance the probability of them going home with a baby. Our success rates for IUI treatment are substantially higher when compared with the other fertility clinics in Delhi. We are the best hospital for IUI treatment in Delhi, which is why patients from around the world choose India for their fertility tourism.

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