Are IVF babies healthy

Are IVF Babies Healthy

Are Children Born Through IVF Healthy?

IVF is a fertility treatment whereby infertile couples attain conception and make their dream of becoming parents a reality. It is a treatment done when the couple is not able to achieve parenthood on their own and need the assistance of technology in order to get pregnant. IVF is a process in which the sperms and the eggs of the intended parents are fertilized in an outside environment and are implanted inside the uterus of the mother once the embryo reaches maturity. It is the best way to get a baby without undergoing the natural process.

It is a common myth that babies born through IVF are not healthy or at the risk of developing any type of health issue at a later stage in life. However, many babies born via IVF are as healthy as the normal one. It is a preconceived notion that a baby born via IVF may not be healthy as it is born with the aid of a technological treatment. The first half of the process may not be the same as that of the natural process of achieving conception but the means by which a baby is attained is the same. Since the children born via IVF are not conceived naturally so people assume that they are normal or not as healthy as a child born through the natural process of conceiving.

The kids born via IVF are healthy both physically and mentally. The delivery process of the IVF baby is the same as the normal baby. The doctor implants embryo inside the uterus of the woman in the IVF treatment and afterward, each step in the treatment is identical to what happens in the natural method. There are millions of babies born through IVF since the birth of the first IVF baby that was born in 1978. According to various studies, children conceived via IVF are equally intelligent or in some cases, more intelligent than the babies conceived normally.

The main difference between the IVF treatment and the natural way of conceiving is the manner with which fertilization is achieved. In IVF, the woman undergoing fertility treatment is given fertility medication to make her ovaries produce more fertile eggs than normal. The eggs are observed with the help of ultrasounds and once they mature, they are taken out from the ovaries with the assistance of a hollow needle. The sperms are obtained from the male partner or a sperm donor and are fused together with the eggs in a lab. On the other hand, in the natural process, fertilization takes place inside the body when the sperm penetrates the egg.  

Are IVF babies healthy is a question that pops into the mind of infertile couples when they are thinking of conceiving with the help of an IVF treatment. In both the processes, the embryo is formed which later develops into a fetus and at the end is delivered as a baby. The reason why a couple undergoes IVF is the low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, endometriosis, and other problems. For instance, blocked fallopian tubes make it difficult for the sperms to reach and fertilize the egg. In this case, the infertile couples have to take the help of a fertility treatment that will help them in attaining fertilization and conception. IVF is one such assisted reproductive treatment for making conception possible for infertile couples.

Acquiring success in your IVF treatment and a healthy IVF baby

Babies born through IVF are healthy and are no different from the babies born via the natural process. If you are searching for the best place to get IVF treatment, then there is no better choice than Select IVF India. We are a widely recognized medical tourism company in India having fertility experts with hands-on experience in offering the best-quality IVF treatment. They utilize sophisticated equipment and stay updated with the latest advancements taking place in the domain of assisted reproductive treatments.

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Are IVF babies healthy
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