Male fertility treatment India – Opt for the right treatment to unlock male infertility

Thanks to the advance medical treatments, which has not just given hope to the hopeless patients but has sprinkled happiness in their lives by fulfilling their desire. We will be discussing in this page about that topic which has become the most recurrent topic nowadays in India. Infertility, Yes! You heard it right; Infertility in India is that hot potato issue which is increasing day by day affecting many couples. Infertility has traditionally been thought that females are the only one, who can be infertile, but it’s not like this.

Approx 15-20 million couples suffer from infertility in India, out of which 51.2% contributes to male sterility. There are various reasons why male are not capable to be a father of a child. It really sucks when you get to know that you are incompetent to perform natural cycle of fertilization. However, in India, many advance fertility treatments have been introduced to untwist the matter of infertility. Male fertility treatment in India depends upon the cause of the male partner sterility because there are different treatments to resolve the issue of it. Best and appropriate treatment is recommended by your fertility experts after performing few tests. Main reason why males are not able to be a father is due to the less motility of sperms, no sperms, inactive sperms (not able to fuse with egg for fertilization) etc.

Points that could be the possible cause of Male infertility –

  • Childhood infection
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Those men who have the addiction of smoking or drinking alcohol have 15-20% lesser sperms count compare to normal men.
  • Genetic factors
  • Physical abnormalities
  • Urban lifestyle (the way we live matters a lot for infertility)
  • Infections like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) can interfere with sperm production and its health or can cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperm.
  • Painful Intercourse
Male fertility treatment in India

As mentioned above there are many advance fertility treatments to solve male infertility, some of them are-

IUI – IUI stands for Intra uterine insemination, this technique comes in artificial insemination (AI). IUI is generally chosen by those males who have low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility. IUI is the method where sperms are washed by special method in the Lab under the guidance of fertility experts. When the count of sperms is at least 10 million then IUI is applied. In the Lab Semen is extracted from the seminal fluid, then with the help of catheter this semen is placed into the uterus. IUI hardly takes minutes to complete its steps, its discomfort process. Cost of IUI treatment in India is approx INR 20,000.

ICSI – (Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection) ICSI comes in ART technique, Assisted reproductive technology. ART is the advance fertility treatment, which unravel the situation of fertility of both male and female. ICSI is very beneficial for those males who have their sperm counts very low. ICSI is the procedure wherein single sperm (most motile and active) is directly injected into the egg of the female; the entire procedure is performed in the Lab. The egg is then fertilized with the sperm, after two or three days of the fertilization, embryo is then placed into the uterus of the female. This is one of the most effective male fertility treatments India to get to the bottom of the issue of sterility. Cost of ICSI in India is approx INR 2,10,000.

Donor Sperms– It is a process where sperms are donated by the donor. Donor sperms are usually chosen by those men who are not able to release healthy and motile sperms at all or no sperms for the fertilization. Sperm donation is done to help an individual or a couple to conceive a baby.  Semen, which has received from the donor firstly screened for infections like HIV and hepatitis, then it is approved if there is not such any results found. Sperm donor cost in India is INR 33000 -35000.

TESA – Some men produces sperms but due to blockage of the tube (or may be some other cause), semen could not come out during the ejaculation. TESA is that technique where sperms are taken out directly from the Testes using a fine needle and with the help of ART technique; it is fertilized with the egg of the female partner and placing it into the uterus of the female. In India TESA cost is nearly INR 35,000-40,000 (and additional cost of ART)

IMSI – IMSI is the advance form of ICSI. In this technique sperms are selected using high magnificent microscope, to let know the most active and motile sperms to the experts, and thus helping to choose appropriate sperm for fertilization with the egg. Using IMSI, doctors are able to assess the structure of the sperm more correctly due to the special microscope for microinjection into the egg. IMSI is one of the most advantageous treatments in India to iron out male infertility. Cost of IMSI in India is INR 25,000 (plus the extra charge of ART technique)

Single out the appropriate treatment and go for it

These are some most recurrent treatments to hit upon male fertility treatments in India. Male fertility treatment cost in India is also reasonable and affordable. It is easily payable and marked down package. Cost of each male fertility treatments in India includes all tests, hormonal tests, consultation fee from the experts, and every step of the procedure, post treatment care and entire satisfaction. So, if you are turning out to do your treatment of male infertility, then go for the clinic Select IVF, which offers the best treatment and care during any medicaments. Just plan and go for it. Best of luck for the journey of your treatment.