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If you are among those who are unfortunate to experience the parenthood, you might consider surrogacy. Surrogacy is a medical facility that is grooming extensively because of the presence of womb-for-rent industry. A number of western destinations have strictly prohibited the practice of commercial surrogacy in their country, which is another reason of boom of fertility market in India.

India is a country that is renowned in offering medical facilities to a number of health issues. With the innovation in its medical arena, India has now got the title of offering Surrogacy facilities also. The best thing about surrogacy in India is that it is supported legally here. Having the legal permission of surrogacy in India, is one of the most important reasons that has provided exposure to this recently developed medical tourism destination across the globe.

Good news about surrogacy facility in India is that the charges of IVF facilities are lower than the cost prevailing in the countries like US or UK. There are huge numbers of medically acclaimed agencies that offer reliable facilities to foreign as well as domestic patients looking for a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy if understood carefully is a medical facility that can be opted to have a child. There are two types of surrogacy practiced across the globe, namely traditional and gestational surrogacy. Unlike the traditional or genetic procedure, gestational surrogacy is one popular. This procedure is generally preferred as there is no genetic relation of a surrogate to the child whom she is nurturing. The gestational surrogacy is a process in which the eggs from biological mother and father are fertilized in the lab using in vitro fertilization. The eggs are then transferred to surrogate’s embryo after three to five days after they are matured enough to implant in surrogate mother’s womb.

Surrogacy facilities are easily available at a number of clinics in India. Select fertility is one of the most ideal centers to get solutions for infertility issues. The clinic recruits physically healthy females for offering their contribution as surrogates. Choosing a surrogate mother is a responsible jobs for every health organization ad it also goes important for selectIVF. The organization has always delivered the best results, which in return has made its image as one of the most popular organization offering fertility treatment.

Every clinic sticks to some rule when it comes to offer IVF or other similar facilities to any couples. However, some rules are always followed by each and every organization at the time of offering IVF facilities. A list of these rules comes as stated below:

  • General guidelines say that the women for a surrogate’s role needs not being more than 35 years of age.
  • The women must not be a smoker and must be a graduate, so that she can understand the process well prior to taking the decision of coming into the profession.
  • Organizations do a thorough investigation about the background of a woman prior to accepting her as a surrogate mother.
  • The woman also requires going under a medical examination to make sure she is physically fit for the intended job.
  • Facing infertility issue is of course a problem that can easily let a couple feel emotionally depressed besides providing them a lot of mental stress. However, proving IVF treatments and solutions to infertility are now a child’s play for surgeons. A number of cases are there that have strongly proved the miracle of science of bestowing infertile couple with their own child.

    Deciding for getting a child from surrogate mother requires a couple to go for a medical counseling to a renowned surgeon. Such sessions greatly helps parents to prepare themselves mentally.

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