1. Till which age I can be a suitable candidate for IVF?

Women between 30-35 years of age are seen as the most appropriate candidate for IVF procedure. Although it is important for you to have a discussion with your surgeon so that he or she can guide you about things to be remember. Your physician will also recommend an appropriate fertility treatment for you depending on your medical history and FSH levels. After some initial treatment, you may potentially start an IVF cycle within weeks. The appropriate time frame for your fertility treatment may vary from others, which will be determined by your physician depending upon your health and other physical conditions.

2. How IVF treatment does takes place?

IVF treatment takes place in phases and at our clinic at select IVF we progress to different levels as follows:

1st stage: The intended mother is prescribed special medication so that fertility can be improved.

2nd stage: The eggs produced inside woman’s body are then removed out by using a hollow needle that is passed through the cavity of the pelvis.

3rd stage: Insemination is the next stage in this procedure, which basically means to fertilize the egg in the laboratory.

4th stage: After the egg is fertilized it is then placed into the womb of the intended or surrogate mother.

5th stage: The woman is then allowed to take rest and look out for the early signs of pregnancy. The pregnancy is confirmed by a blood test following with an ultrasound.

3. What is the chance of having a baby through IVF procedure?

There is no guarantee if an IVF procedure will help a woman to be a mother. However, IVF cycles dramatically increases the chances of conceiving as you complete a course of treatment. If we talk about facts and studies done in this regard, you will be amazed to know that you double your chance of fertility just after three cycles of successful IVF. It has also been studied that couples complete entire IVF cycles have an 80% chance of bringing a baby home. This is a clear proof that IVF does increase your chances of having a baby. Although your medical condition play an important role in the entire procedure.

4. How much does an IVF cycle cost?

The cost of IVF cycles will depend upon the IVF programs you attend and thus the cost varies from patient to patient. Your age and your customized treatment plan, will determine your actual cost of attaining an IVF cycle. The organization you have made contact with will provide you a customer care executive who will let you know the actual pricing of the treatment and extra cost of medicines as well as soon as your application gets processed. There is no application cost applied to a couple when he or she comes to fill up the form. The form is just a document that helps the surgeon understand your medical condition.

5. What are the conditions to be a surrogate with your organization?

The first and most basic condition for being a surrogate at our organization is that you must be a mother at least to one child. Recruiting women who are already mothers reduces our worries about the physical and mental changes that a woman goes through. If you already had gone through the prenatal period you would have experienced all that changes that includes the mood swing of a pregnant lady. Thus, being a mother is a primary condition you need to fulfill to join our surrogacy program. Another requirement you need to fulfill is the age limit that we have set between 30-35 years of age.

6. What is the compensation for a surrogate?

The compensation for surrogates varies from an organization to another. However, with our organization the price varies from first time surrogates to experienced ones. First time surrogates are being compensated $ 30,000, with an additional to $3000- $5000 for subsequent expenses. Surrogates are compensated a monthly allowance plus maternity clothing allowance. Medical expenses plus the travelling allowing are also compensated to them by the organization and we are the one that does the same. Thus, on an average, the total compensation goes around in between $40,000- $50,000. For more information you can travel through our official website.

7. Will my egg be used for surrogacy?

No, you will not be biological related to the child. The child will be born through his or her mother and father’s eggs that will be fertilized artificially and then will be shifted to your womb for further nurturing in a natural way. We will ask you to fill up a consent form that would declare your permission about the procedure. It will also say that you will never ask for a right on the child in future.

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