Success rates

Our pregnancy rates are one of the best pregnancy rates Per Embryo transfer. This high rate of pregnancy Per Embryo transfer reduces the overall cost of treatment and minimizes the discomfort and time away from work associated with multiple egg retrievals.


Chemical Pregnancy Rates

Per Embryo transfer

IVF with self Eggs52%
Egg Donation55-65%

Success rates

For most of our cases we use ICSI technique (at no extra cost). The technique, known as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) involves aspirating single healthy sperm from the testis of the male and the ovum from female, and then fertilizing both outside in the test tube before putting it back in the womb. This technique is also useful in male infertility cases where the sperm count is so low/ or absent (but the sperms are produced inside the testis, testicular dysfunction) that the conventional IVF is also not useful to them.

We have large pool of fertile egg donors from Indian and abroad and young surrogate mothers. The donors and surrogates are thoroughly screened before induction in our program. The success results with our donors and surrogates are always higher.

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