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Infertility in women is growing at a rapid rate due to increasing stress level and an unhealthy life style that is now seen as a status symbol. However, growth and development in medical science has now bought up solutions for infertility also. IVF i.e. “In Vitro Fertilization” is the ideal treatment that is prescribed to women suffering from infertility. Such treatments are easily available in a number of countries across the globe. When it comes to India, IVF rates are most affordable here. Besides India, a number of western, Eastern and European countries provide world-class facility for infertility. Although India is a popular destination for western IVF patients as it helps them save huge chunks of money.

In Vitro Fertilization can be referred as an effective practice of fertilizing an egg in laboratory. This process is performed to make a woman pregnant with her own egg or by the eggs donated by the donor. In both of the cases, the father’s sperm fertilizes the egg. As medical science has made extensive progress, IVF is now easily available at different clinics in India as well as in abroad. Although patients choose to come to India, because of the affordable rate that prevails in the country.

Let us take a look on the IVF procedure. IVF process can ideally be divided into following stages. We are explaining a brief of all these processes to give you a better understanding.

1st stage- the intended mother is prescribed special medication so that fertility can be improved. Improved fertility can easily offer a chance to collect more eggs. Some eggs might fail to fertilize and thus, it is important to have more eggs so that fertility can be done.

2nd stage- the eggs produced inside woman’s body is then removed out by using a hollow needle that is passed through the cavity of the pelvis. This process can turn out to be much painful for the female taking part in the procedure. The pain might remain for a week or more. However, it is just a normal sign and females need not be worried about it.

3rd stage- insemination is the next stage in this procedure, which basically means to fertilize the egg in the laboratory. This fertilization is monitored closely to make sure the process is going on well.

4th stage- after the egg is fertilized it is then placed into the womb of the intended or surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers can easily be hired by paying them the surrogacy cost. This cost in India is affordable when compared with the cost in foreign countries.

5th stage- the women is then allowed to take rest and look out for the early signs of pregnancy. The pregnancy is confirmed by a blood test following with an ultrasound.

The success rates of IVF vary with a number of factors. It includes the age of the women along with her health issues. For health women the success rate has been recorded near about 30-40% in India.

There are some advantages to IVF. These include no long term health issue with the children born through IVF technique. Besides this, it is a miracle technique for couples who are not able to conceive naturally. Last and the most important advantage is that it is a technique that offers a satisfaction of having your own baby.

A single disadvantage with IVF is that IVF can result in multiple births when more than one embryo is transferred to a woman’s uterus. Multiple pregnancy increases risk of having a premature baby or a baby with a low birth weight. However, this possibility is very rare when to choose to get your treatment from SelectIVF.

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