Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF Cost

Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF Cost

Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF Cost

Dr. Parveen Fatima From Bangladesh

Dr. Parveen Fatima is the specialist and the expertise doctor for infertility relative cases and also more performing doctor for gynecology as infertility relative cases to be properly solved by her during her career.


Gynecology and Obstetrics (Pregnancy, Menstrual, Uterus, Female) Gynecology Oncology specialists
MBBS, FCPS (Obstetrics and Gynecology) Post Graduate Award in ART (UK)
Professor and Chairman, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujid Medical University (BSMMU). Professor and Chief Consultant at Infertility Care and Research Centre (ICRC).

And also in the year 2001 which is proved as the best year for her career in which she had achieved more and more success in the form of test tube babies as a great achievement she had the helping hand in  making the successful delivery of first test tube baby in Bangladesh as the triplets babies named as Heera, Moni and Mukta dated as on 30th May, 2001 in which she achieved the best for her career as well as for the career of Care Hospital Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd who achieved the great success within the short span of time.She is the Managing Director at Care Hospital Diagnostic (Pvt.) Ltd. Main Br., 2/1- A, Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur Dhaka where she had solved more and more successful cases for infertility relative issues up to the maximum level and she had a great achievement in the year 2000 where Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh had 26 female patients and out of them 11 female patients got conceived and as a result more than 42% success achievement she had gained in the year 2000.

As well as in the year 2001, the second great achievement of the doctor and the fertility clinic took place on 20th June, 2001 in the form of Persa who was the first ICSI baby in the country Bangladesh whereas from the year 2001 till the end of the year 2004 she had successfully completing her biggest achievement in the year 2004 in the form of the child who is 100th ICSI baby Dr. Parveen Fatima  had made them delivered the baby with her own way without any consultation with any other experts available in the clinic on 9th June 2004.

But by the year 2008 more than 500 IVF babies she had made them delivered which is merely a great achievement she had in her life and during the short life span she had made the impossibility to be converted into possibility by removing infertility from the lives of many couples and bring the fertility in the lives of the infertile couples who are awaited for the same since long and this is the best possibility she had made in the lifetime by giving the happiness in the lives of many needed infertile couples.

Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF Cost

Costs should be differentiated from one location to another, from one place to another and from one clinic to another in the country, in the state and in different locations of the country Bangladesh as discovered by the doctors but it must be minimal among all the doctors as we are offering.

Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF Cost

Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF Cost


IVF costs should be differentiated in different formats and in various forms where there is the reasonable and affordable costs availability within the clinic the costing must be a reasonable and most suitable one which must encouraged one in getting the treatment from the clinic itself and should be providing the treatment from Dr. Parveen Fatima only as she has the ability to solve more and more cases in her lifetime with delivering the successful results during her career with upbringing the best achievement in her life.

Cost differentiation for IVF treatment Amount paid by the patient till delivery
Consultation fees For New patient = 1200 tk. And for existing patient = 700 tk.
Medications and injections charges Included in IVF treatment costs or in some cases not included in IVF treatment costs
IVF cycle costs 4000 tk. per cycle
Donor Charges (in case required) For sperm donor = 300 tk. as sperm donor charges excluding IVF cycle treatment cost.

For egg donor = 1300 tk. as egg donor charges also that too be excluding the IVF cycle treatment cost.

There should be numerous programs of packaging availability within the country Bangladesh as offered especially for patients of Dr. Parveen Fatima Bangladesh IVF cost where there are many couples who are succeeded from the IVF cycle in the very first attempt and also from another treatment costing and also in the other treatment cycle if required by the couples who are accomplished in such programming and in minimal amount investment in such regard maximum output is delivered in the form of successful results which is in the form of pregnancy of the female partner.

The treatment should be processing the best costing for treatment at Dr. Parveen Fatima IVF Cost delivering the best costing as discussed in detail and in better way in the above tabular format.

  • Normal package of IVF treatment cycle: -Normal package of IVF treatment cycle only includes the costing for IVF package without any additional costing to be included there within the package so the cost becomes 4000 tk. per cycle for IVF costing and no other costs should be there in the IVF treatment package.
  • Advanced package of IVF treatment cycle: – Advanced package of IVF treatment cycle includes donor charges in case donor eggs and donor sperms are being used for making the treatment successful. Donor must charge an extra amount despite of the treatment of IVF cycle which is different for sperm donor and for egg donor. Like sperm donor should charge 300 tk. for the services he is providing, so the total costs for IVF treatment cycle becomes 4300 tk. inclusive of donor charges and no extra charge is paid by the couple after the probable amount which is 4000 tk. as cost of IVF treatment package and 300 tk. as sperm donor charges.
  • Advanced package of IVF treatment cycle by using egg donor’s eggs: – Advanced package of IVF treatment cycle with egg donor so in that case egg donor should charge additional amount for providing her services and she must charge 1300 tk. for the eggs she is donated and with this cost the total cost for IVF treatment package becomes 5300 tk. that means 4000 tk. for IVF package cost and 1300 tk. for egg donor charges.

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