Profiles of Egg Donor with Select IVF Clinic India

Egg Donors With Select IVF India

Select IVF Clinic India works with a wide assortment of egg contributors, numerous who have effectively experienced the Donor Egg IVF process some time recently. Our givers are spurred to help other people understand their fantasy of having a family and have been made up for their disservice. Giver Egg Bank USA and our collaborating practice's survey every contributor's past treatment to guarantee her eggs are liable to deliver an ideal result for our patients.

The greater part of our givers are solid non-smokers between the ages of 20 and 28. Every giver experiences a broad screening process before she can be considered qualified for gift. Preceding experiencing their gift cycles and egg recoveries, every single potential contributor are screened by the accompanying criteria:

Profiles of Egg Donor with Select IVF Clinic India
  • Physical Examination
  • Psychological Examination
  • Drug Usage Screening
  • FDA Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Multi-Generational Health History Questionnaire
  • Appropriate Cultures, Ultrasounds and Blood Tests
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing
  • Ethnically Indicated Genetic Testing
  • Infectious Disease Testing

Each donor has completed a comprehensive application which will provide you pages of information about her medical history, aptitudes, work history, education and personal statements. Our goal is to provide you enough information to give you a comfort level in making a choice that will best fit your family, while still protecting the identity of your donor.

To know if IVF or Surrogacy in India with an egg donor is for you, send you medical and pregnancy history to for a free online consultation.

We Offer Wide Variety Of Egg Donors From India And Abroad

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Select IVF clinic, being located in Delhi, has the options of having donors from different parts of India. These donors come from:

Profiles of Egg Donor with Select IVF Clinic India

Punjab – Punjabi, Sikh tall good looking girls

North India

North Eastern India – Asian looking beautiful girls

Himalayas– Cute girls with sharp features

West and South India – Wheatish looking girls

Caucasian origin and African Origin Egg Donors in India

We do also provide egg donors from abroad for white girls with Caucasian origin and African origin girls.

Many of the Indian donors are from very good families and are post graduates working in good companies and are tall and very good looking. These girls come under ourA list Donors.

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