In an effort to make India a global hub for medicare, the indian government has introduced a medical visa for foreigners seeking speciality treatment for extended periods.

To be open to residents of all countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka, those availing of the medical visa - with a validity of one year that can be extended for another year by the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) and thereafter by the Union home ministry - would, however, be required to register themselves with the local FRRO within 14 days of their arrival at the place of treatment here .

The medical visa requires the applicant to produce documents pertaining to his communication with the hospital where he seeks to be treated during his stay in the country.

Before applying for medical visa to India, select IVF will issue a Medical Visa invitation letter to the patient / intended parent and his / her traveling attendant with a copy to the Indian Mission in your country. For issuance of the letter, we will require the scanned passport copies of the patient / intended parent and his / her traveling attendant. Please email them to

The medical visa would grant three entries to the patient during its one-year validity period (it can be 4 in emergency cases). Not only this, it would also allow two attendants to accompany the patient at any given time on an ex-visa co-terminus with the medical visa. These attendants, however, would have to be the spouse, blood relation or child of the patient and would have to register themselves with the FRRO.

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